Interior and Exterior
Excellent Durability

High Cover Super Matt Acrylic PVS for Walls

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Water-Based Primer to provide excellent Adhesion

Multi-Surface Primer

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Water-Based highly flexible Sealer that bridges and covers Cracks quickly and easily.

Crack Cover

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Who we are

Stevensons Paints manufactures a comprehensive range of quality coating products.

We are proud to offer the best in green products which are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

All of this comes with our great service, satisfaction and affordable pricing.

We understand the challenges with coatings and are committed to building real partnerships.

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Our brand

Stevensons Paints is a brand based on quality.

It is more than just paint -- it is about being responsible, innovative in paint solutions, forming real partnerships and a passion for doing the right thing.

We have set an extremely high standard in the development of paint technology in our endeavor to master the art of formulating paints and coatings.

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Our guarantee


Stevensons Paints are so confident in the quality of our paint that we offer quality guarantees lasting up to seven years on our products.

For terms and conditions refer to the quality guarantee page on this website.

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